10 do-able habits to boost your metabolism

10 do-able habits to boost your metabolism

Metabolism is the rate at which you burn the kilojoules you consume. Everyone’s is different, and it slows down with age. If yours is operating in slow-mo, here’s how to rev it up…

10-do-able-habits-to-boost-your-metabolismHere are 10 do-able habits to boost your metabolism:

  1. Any movement speeds metabolism, even tapping your feet. So fidget away!
  2. Eat supper earlier. Sleep decreases your metabolism by 10%, so don’t head straight to bed after dinner.
  3. Don’t fast. Not eating for more than 12 hours slows your metabolism by 40%. That’s never a good idea.
  4. Start grazing. Regular meals will keep your metabolism and blood sugar stable, avoiding slumps in energy. Six regular meals of similar kilojoule values is ideal, but don’t exceed your target intake.
  5. Eat protein. This essential macronutrient is credited with boosting metabolism by 10%, and keeps you fuller for longer.
  6. Stay hydrated. This keeps all your cells and metabolism functioning!
  7. At any time of day, a little exertion will raise your metabolic rate for a few hours, depending on the intensity. Increased muscle mass, as a result of a regular weights workout, will also boost the rate at which you burn kilojoules.
  8. Know what works. A diet that includes grapefruits, broccoli, green tea, oatmeal, sugar-free yoghurt, lean turkey, fish rich in Omega-3’s and fibre-rich grains will up your metabolic rate.
  9. Watch the tipple. Consuming any alcohol will slow your metabolism as your body tries to metabolise the alcohol right away, writes Dr Pamela Peeke in The Hunger Fix. Anything you recently ate gets stored as fat.
  10. Get enough zzz’s. Adequate, regular sleep will promote regular metabolism too.

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