10 foundation rules for a beautiful complexion

10 foundation rules for a beautiful complexion

10 foundation rules

Follow these 10 foundation rules for a beautiful complexion:

  1. Make sure your skin is adequately moisturised. Even a good quality foundation will look unnatural on skin that is dehydrated. This step begins the night before, with a good quality night cream. Don’t use a stripping cleanser in the morning that will remove the natural oils from your skin – rather opt for a cream cleanser or a simple rinse if you’ve adequately cleansed the night before.
  2. Choose the right formula. Drier skin works best with liquid or cream formulas, whereas combination and oily skins can handle stick, compact or powder formulations.
  3. Choose the right shade. When choosing a shade, try three close matches on your jawline, and choose the one you can hardly see.
  4. Change shades and formulation if your skin changes with the seasons. You may want a lightweight formulation in summer, and if your skin is oilier then, you may even try a compact or powder formulation. In winter, you may opt for one shade lighter if your face tends to be paler in the winter months.
  5. Use primer. Don’t skip this essential step if you tend to have larger pores. Foundation is much easier to apply and blend on primed skin.READ MORE: ARE YOU APPLYING MAKE-UP IN THE RIGHT ORDER?
  6. Don’t skip concealer. Ideally, use a concealer compact with more than one shade. Use skin-toned shades to conceal broken veins, age spots or acne scars, and the peachier shades to counteract dark circles. You’ll find you need to use less foundation if you have used concealer first. Don’t blend the concealer. Save this until after you’ve applied foundation.
  7. Apply foundation correctly. When using liquid and creamy foundation, use a blending sponge to ‘stipple’ on the foundation, building on the colour in areas where you need it most. Use a small concealer brush to apply foundation in harder-to-reach areas, such as the corner of the eyes and the nose.
  8. Blend, blend, blend. Check your application in good natural light to make sure you’ve blended in concealer and foundation to a flawless, invisible finish.
  9. Finish with highlighter. Apply highlighter just underneath the brow line and down the centre of your nose, and blend well.
  10. Add bronzer and blush. Dust bronzer only where the sun would naturally hit your face – on the forehead, chin and top of your cheekbones. Apply sparingly, or you’ll ruin all the hard work in steps 1-9. Smile to reveal your cheek bones, and apply blusher to the apples, blending up the sides of the cheeks into the hairline at your temples. Again, don’t overdo this step.

Voila! A dusting of powder will set the look, and you’re ready to apply make-up.


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