10 ways to boost your memory

10 ways to boost your memory

From crosswords and sudoku to sleep and exercise – these 10 tips will have your memory sorted!

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1. Learn to play a musical instrument.
2. Skip the calculator: figure out budgets and everyday sums in your head, without a pencil, paper or computer!
3. Learn how to cook a new type of cuisine. It’ll stimulate your senses of smell, touch, taste and sight – and of course, your brain!
4. Learn a new language.
5. Draw a map from memory – whether to a new location or an old one.
6. Take up a hobby to stimulate your fine motor skills, such as knitting or drawing.
7. Exercise as often as possible.
8. Get enough sleep. Without enough sleep, your memory, creativity and critical thinking skills are compromised.
9. Play sudoku or do a crossword. Just get thinking!
10. Write instead of typing once in a while.

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