Be picky about the food you buy

Be picky with the food you buy

Ever wondered about the quality of your food? Well, you should!



Foodsure, a new independent certification and verification company, is acting as an independent ‘middle man’ between consumers and the food industry, to help restore our trust in our food purchases – so we know what we’re eating and paying for.

The SureMark sign of quality assurance on food products indicates which food suppliers value the quality and consistency of their products and have them checked by FoodSure’s business network of legal, marketing, food and consumer law experts. Suppliers who apply for the SureMark sign have to follow stringent verification and testing processes that prove they’re transparent about how their products are manufactured and have good control over their supply chain. ‘FoodSure will use a nationwide internationally recognised scientific testing facility to ensure testing levels and standards are irreproachable,’ says its MD, Amanda Rogaly.

After some beef was found to contain horse meat in Europe, South Africans became concerned about products here where the source of the meat isn’t disclosed on the label. It was the catalyst for FoodSure, says Amanda, and adds that the list of contaminated food products is long. Examples include melamine in dog food and baby formula and toxic cancer- causing Sudan Red in foods.


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