Keep kids safe in the sun

Keep kids safe in the sun

Keep-kids-safe-in-the-sunProtecting your child from the sun’s harmful rays is a must! Lelani Rautenbach, brand manager of Everysun, reveals what every parent should know…

This is what every parent should know to keep kids safe in the sun.

Apply right

Apply sunscreen at least 20-30 minutes before going outside, so the product has time to bond with the skin. Wait at least 15 minutes before putting on your clothes as they’ll soak up the sunscreen before your skin can.


How much is enough?

Studies have shown that people only apply 50 percent of the recommended amount of sunscreen.

  • You require at least a teaspoon of sunscreen for your face, neck and ears.
  • For the rest of your body, you’ll need a golf ball-sized amount, at least.

When to reapply

Water washes off sunscreen and the cooling effect of the water can make you think you’re not getting burned. Water also reflects UV rays, increasing your exposure to the sun. Even waterproof sunscreens should be reapplied after going in the water. The secret to staying protected? If you’ve been swimming then you’ll need to reapply at least every 40 minutes and every time after you’ve towel dried, otherwise, reapply at least every two hours. Other factors, such as perspiration, also contribute to having to reapply.

Top tip

Every sun recommends using a higher SPF for kids (SPF 40 or 50) to provide high protection for sensitive skin!


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