2 germ-fighting habits

2 germ-fighting habits

Teach children how to blow their noses correctly and use an oil from nature to keep the little ones healthy as the weather turns chilly.

Two germ-fighting habitsLaws of nose blowing

Teach your child to keep their nostrils open when they blow their nose and to cough or sneeze onto a tissue to reduce droplet spread and you’ll help them prevent the spread of germs and possibly stop them from getting the flu. This nose-blowing technique is better than forcibly blowing their nose, which could propel germ-laden mucus into their sinuses and cause secondary infection, says The University of Virginia’s Medical School.

Bath time

A few drops of tea-tree oil diluted in water is a must-have for every mom in winter as it has excellent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and disinfectant properties.
Keep it handy in a spray bottle and spritz the mixture onto car and feeding seats, table tops and other contact surfaces. You can also add a few undiluted drops of the oil into their bath. It also works a charm when added to a bowl of hot water for steaming to ease colds, sinusitis and bronchitis.


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