5 natural germ-fighters to try before taking antibiotics

5 natural germ-fighters to try before taking antibiotics

Recovering from sinus or respiratory infections seems harder each year as more and more bugs become antibiotic resistant. Taking a natural antibiotic could help stave off illness, and is much kinder on your pocket. Keep these alternatives in your home this winter…

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Garlic kills various forms of bacteria due to high levels of sulphur and allicin, which enhance the immune system. Try this soup to up your intake.

Coconut oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal, and suitable for cooking. You can also add it to your morning coffee as a first-thing immune booster in the colder months.

Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi and pickles are rich in probiotics, which help promote healthy digestion and a healthy gut. Your immunity is determined by your gut, so stock up to protect yourself, or try this pickle.

Echinacea: this superherb is a natural immune booster. It’s readily available from your pharmacy in drop, syrup or tablet form – so there’s a formulation for the whole family. A. Vogel Echinaforce® will help fight colds, common flu and help strengthen the body’s immune response to more serious conditions such as bird and swine flu.

Apple cider vinegar: this is an inexpensive natural bacteria-fighting agent. Vinegar is added to foods as a preservative specifically because it inhibits the growth of bacteria. Add it to recipes or make a power brew with hot water, 1T apple cider vinegar and 1T raw honey.

Another delicious way to boost your immune system daily throughout winter is to sip a cup of bone broth every day. Find our recipe here and freeze in portions.

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