5 tips for low-carb meals in chilly weather

5 tips for low-carb meals in chilly weather

Following a low-carb meal plan during the colder months is easier than you think…

Low carb winter meals

These tips will help to keep you on track when cravings for comfort food sneak up:

  • Hearty stews and soups made with meaty bones are good for your gut health and are so easy to make.
  • Double up when making soup to make sure there’s enough for lunch the next day. Invest in tight-sealing thermos cups to send soup to school in lunchboxes.
  • Serve stews with creamy pumpkin mash or spicy cauli-rice.
  • Use vegetables like celeriac and turnips to thicken soups and stews the low-carb way. Celeriac, for example, contains only 9g carbohydrate per 100g.
  • Include a healthy treat once in a while. Try our malva pudding for a special occasion or treat everyone to a delicious low-carb hot chocolate on cold nights.
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