5 ways to cope during hay fever season

5 ways to cope during hay fever season

If you’re dreading the start of spring, here’s some relief to help you venture outdoors and enjoy the season without suffering the effects of allergies.



  1. Know what you’re allergic to. You may think you know what’s causing your allergy symptoms, but an allergy specialist (allergist) may help identify your triggers and then find the right treatment to stop it.
  2. Get over-the-counter medication. Now’s the time to stock up on allergy medications! Otrivin Nasal Decongestant comes in a Moisturising Formula – try it at bedtime for a good night’s rest. But you’ll still need to see your doctor if you take prescription-only drugs to ease your allergies.
  3. Wash hands frequently. Hygiene soap Lifebuoy advises frequent hand-washing with soap and running water for at least 30 seconds to remove clinging pollens. Don’t touch your already sensitive eyes with dirty hands.
  4. Clean your home regularly. Spring cleaning sounds like a lot of work, but ridding your home, car, office or playroom of bacteria, mould, dust and other grime can keep you free of spring colds and help you
    cope better with seasonal allergies.
  5. Pets and allergies can go hand in hand. If you’re allergic to fur, bathe your pets frequently. Your pet’s saliva on their fur from cleaning itself or on your skin from slobbery kisses can also cause an allergy reaction.
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