5 ways to motivate yourself to exercise this winter

5 ways to motivate yourself to exercise this winter

It’s definitely more difficult to stay motivated during the winter months, when mornings are icy and the cold
and dark evenings make curling up on the couch with the heater on seem like the only sensible option. However,
the old adage remains true: summer bodies are made in winter. Boost your motivation and hit the gym with these
practical tips:


1. Set an achievable goal

Working towards a solid goal helps keep you focused, motivated and moving forward. Commit to an event in which you could realistically participate. Whether it’s a 5km walk, a 30km running or cycling race, or something in between, choose a goal you’re confident you’ll be able to achieve. Push yourself each day to train a little harder – run or cycle slightly further or faster – to help you move closer to your goal (and get fit in the meantime!).

2. Try something new

Sign up for a fitness class you’ve never taken before, like Zumba, yoga, a barre workout or anything that’s new to you. You could even work out at home using interesting, instructional YouTube videos, or take up a new hobby like jogging or hiking. The key is to have a brand-new experience, awaken different muscle groups and make exercising exciting again.


3. Treat yourself to stylish gear

Wearing the right clothes while you exercise not only makes you look better, but can help you feel more comfortable, making workouts more pleasant. ‘If you have the right exercise gear, a winter morning’s crisp, fresh air can become
something you look forward to – it’s invigorating and makes winter exercise a breeze,’ says Monica from athleisure brand Core Merino.

4. Make time

‘I don’t have time to work out’ is the oldest (and lamest!) excuse in the book. The trick to fitting exercise into your busy schedule is to choose a workout that delivers maximum results in the shortest period, like high-intensity interval training (HIIT). A HIIT class consists of brief, but intense bursts of activity, paired with short rest times in between,
and aims to burn a high number of calories in a minimum amount of time.


5. Pair up

If you’re struggling to motivate yourself, ask a friend to help. Buddying up with an exercise partner means you’ll be able to support each other when the going gets tough. You can also engage in friendly competition to stay encouraged and on track.


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