6 causes of memory loss (that have nothing to do with Alzheimer’s)

6 causes of memory loss (that have nothing to do with Alzheimer’s)

6 causes of memory loss

Many health factors can cause memory loss, and you can treat them.

Memory loss can be very concerning, and many of us fear the worst when we experience forgetful moments as we age: we think memory loss is the onset of Alzheimer’s. The good news is that memory loss can be a common warning sign of other, more treatable health issues…

1. Stress

Doctors at McGill University in Canada have found that people who have high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) perform poorly on memory tests. Long-term exposure to stress can cause cognitive impairment, so relieving tension is vital for safeguarding your memory. Options include regular yoga, meditation and walking.

2. Lack of sleep

You need at least six hours sleep a night to function at your best. If you’re falling short, read up on how to get more shut-eye.

3. Thyroid disease

Thyroid disease can affect you at any age and has a direct effect on your memory. Symptoms can include joint and muscle pain, skin and hair problems, weight changes, bowel problems, fatigue, depression and anxiety. If you suspect you may have a thyroid problem, see your GP.

4. Low blood sugar

When you skip meals all day then have a huge meal in the evening, you’re overloading your blood sugar levels and creating an imbalance. This can result in short-term memory loss and forgetfulness, so rather space out your meals evenly throughout the day. Read how to keep your brain optimally fuelled.

5. Hormones

As you approach menopause and oestrogen levels start to drop, short term memory loss can occur. Speak to your GP if you suspect menopause if causing a memory problem, and they’ll be able to suggest a course of treatment. You can also correct certain hormone imbalances through diet. 

6. Depression

If you have been prescribed anti-depressants, one of the side-effects you may notice is memory loss. Recreational drugs and alcohol can also result in poor memory. Chat to your GP if you think your medication could be affecting your memory.

Your memory is a muscle you should keep exercising while you’re young. Try include these memory boosters in your day every day!

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