6 healthy sarmie ideas

6 healthy sarmie ideas

Pack nutritious sandwiches into the kids’ – and your own! – lunchboxes with these tips from Futurelife’s head dietician, Lara de Santana:

Healthy Sandwich tips

  • Choose low-GI bread – Low-GI carbohydrates are broken down slower, leading to a steady, gradual increase in blood sugar levels for sustained energy, and keeping you fuller for longer.
  • Add lean protein – Protein increases the feeling of fullness, but opt for leaner proteins as they reduce the saturated fat intake, which is better for your heart. Proteins include grilled chicken, tinned tuna, pilchards, and cottage cheese.
  • Dash of healthy fat – This decreases inflammation and also assists you to feel fuller. Healthy fats include avocados (add a squeeze of lemon juice to prevent browning if you’re not eating it immediately), olive tapenade, salmon or nut butters.
  • Turn up the flavour – Add healthy spreads like basil pesto, low-sugar chilli sauce, hummus or different combinations of herbs.
  • Bulk up on fibre – Adding fresh veggies like sliced tomato, shredded lettuce, rainbow coleslaw or even legumes like sprouts will help to keep you regular, add lots of vitamins, and lower the GI.
  • Portion with caution – General rule of thumb is two slices of low-GI bread for a meal per day (depending on activity levels, weight goals and other carbs consumed). Another way to monitor your portions is to have open sandwiches with healthy fillings on top of one slice of bread.


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