7 make-up tricks to look younger

7 make-up tricks to look younger


7 make-up tricks to look younger

With the right tricks, turning back the clock can be as simple as opening your makeup bag.


1. Wear just enough. After a certain age, more is not more. Although it’s tempting to hide whatever you don’t like, it can work against you, adding even more years as all that make-up settles into your lines.

2. Concealer is the most important step in your routine. Don’t skip this step by adding more foundation.

3. Use foundation sparingly. It shouldn’t be worn as a mask, but rather to help even out your skin tone. A lightweight foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturiser is all you need, and SPF is non-negotiable. Because you’re not slathering it on in layers, buy a good quality one that’ll last a few months.

4. Buy the best quality eyeshadow you can afford. More expensive eyeshadows contain more pigment and stay on longer than their bargain counterparts. With a quality eye palette, you can stick to nude shades for day, and add darker shades for evening. With a fine brush, you can use the charcoal or deep brown shades as a liner: one less product for your make-up bag! To minimise the appearance of lines and to avoid a heavy look, no shimmery
shades or colour on the brow bone.

5. Change your eyeliner habits. Smudged pencil almost always trumps a thick bold line on older women. If using liquid liner, stick to a thin applicator and avoid liner on the lower lids. Rather smudge a little dark eyeshadow into the outer lower lash hairline, avoiding the inner corner of your eyes unless you have very large eyes. Dark colour here
will draw your eyes together and make them appear smaller.

6. Lighten up on the mascara. Looking tired is a common complaint among mature women. Curling your lashes and applying lengthening mascara can help open up the eyes and lift the lashes.

7. Know which trends to stay away from. It seems as if a new make-up trend pops up every day, but beauty trends photographed on young, flawless women in airbrushed advertisements aren’t achievable in real life and don’t flatter older women.

News on the street is thin brows are making a comeback (gasp!). As you age, you may find your brows have become thin and sparse. Your brows frame your eyes, and add lift to your face when you need it most. So don’t give in and pluck them away! Neat, symmetrical and defined brows take just minutes to achieve. If you’re nervous or need guidance, have someone at a beauty counter show you how to use a pencil or brow mascara and fill them in naturally. Unless you’re very dark, experiment with mid-brown or blonde pencils. As you age (and hair turns grey), dark brows can appear a little harsh.

Another make-up trend that can add years to your look is matt lipstick. As we age, our lips (unlike our waistlines) become thinner. Dark, matt shades will exaggerate this effect. Go brighter and lighter, with a cream formulation to
make your lips look plump and kissable, rather than wrinkly and dry.



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