8 steps to a perfect at-home pedicure

8 steps to a perfect at-home pedicure

Get sexy summer feet with our 8 steps to the perfect at-home pedicure.

Step 1
Choose the colour that’ll suit your skin tone. Light, cool complexions are usually suited to cool colours and vice versa, but have fun experimenting.

Step 2
Remove old nail polish, or if you’ve had gel applied, soak it off using acetone before you begin.

Step 3
Apply a good cuticle remover to your toes to clean up your cuticles. Wait for 15 seconds and gently push them back.  Then use a cuticle nipper to remove excess skin around the nail bed.

Step 4
Use a buffer to polish your nails. This helps to remove the yellow undertone.

Step 5
Shape your nails with a nail file, or simply use clippers to cut your nails. The tip of your nails should follow the shape of your nail bed.

Step 6
File away any dead skin. If your feet aren’t in a good condition, soak them beforehand and follow with a foot peel or use a granular scrub to help remove excess dead skin.

Step 7
Treat your legs and feet to a massage or ask your hubby or kids to do it for you. Not only with this relax you, it’s also great to boost circulation in your legs and feet.

Step 8
Give your nails some colour! First apply a base coat, this will help set the nail bed for polish. Then apply two layers of colour, start with the left pinkie toe, and work your way over to the right. This will allow for enough drying time between coats. Look for polish with a large flat brush – these apply the polish better. Remember to wear open toe sandals when painting your toes so that they can dry without smudging!


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