8 surprising habits that age you

8 surprising habits that age you

Could your everyday habits be unnecessarily ageing you? Here are 8 surprising habits that age you, but don’t worry we’ve also got easy ways to solve them.


1. Drinking from bottles and through straws

What you drink can affect your looks (too much coffee or alcohol) but did you know that how you drink can also influence how old you look?

Sipping through a straw or sucking on a sports water bottle causes you to purse your lips in the same way a smoker would on a cigarette, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

Solution: Drink from a glass or can where possible.


2. Binge watching your favourite series

The light from screens (computer, phone, TV) can actually penetrate your skin and in some cases cause free radical damage. This leads to wrinkles and what some have termed “Netflix face”.

Solution: Limit your screen time and instead of binge watching a show, pick up a book or go outside.

3. Using powders instead of cream based makeup

While makeup helps to smooth out the skin and cover imperfections, using the wrong kind can make you look much older.

Solution: Makeup artists suggest that after 35 you should opt for cream-based makeup products instead of powders, as powders settle into lines and wrinkles, accentuating them.

4. Applying skincare products and going with gravity

Applying products in a downward position on the face unnecessarily pulls down and stretches the skin.

Solution: When applying foundation or skincare products start at your chin and work your way upwards towards your forehead.


5. Rubbing your eyes

Feeling tired or have an itch you need to scratch? The skin around the eye area is not only sensitive but is prone to wrinkles. Rubbing your eyes irritates the area and breaks down the elasticity, causing it to wrinkle even further, as does pulling your lower eyelid down to apply eyeliner.

Solution: Cut two slices of chilled cucumber and place it on your eyes for about 2 minutes. Cucumber not only reduces puffiness but lightens the skin, making it appear younger.

6. Slouching at work or over your phone

Bad posture not only causes back pain but it can age you. How? Slouching is also linked to an increase in sleep issues, which not only affects your memory but causes you to age faster.

Similarly, constantly being on your phone to WhatsApp or check Facebook also puts strain on your neck and causes wrinkles.

Solution: Avoid slouching by walking around for 5 minutes after an hour of work and stretch regularly to release any tension.

7. Consuming too much wine, coffee or sugar

What you eat or drink affects your skin. Too much sugar, wine or coffee limits collagen production which causes the skin to lose its elasticity which creates wrinkles. These products also dehydrate your skin, making it look dull and old.

Solution: Cut down on these foods and beverages, drink more water and always moisturise to counter the dehydrating effects.


8. The way you sleep

Do you sleep with the same side of your face on your pillow? While sleep is a very important part of looking young, sleeping on the same side every night causes creases which could lead to fine lines.

Solution: Invest in a silk or satin pillowcase which is less likely to crease or try sleeping on your back.


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