8 uses for Spray and Cook for you never knew about!

8 uses for Spray and Cook for you never knew about!

8 new ways to use Spray and Cook today

Spray and Cook is great for healthy baking, frying or grilling, but it also has a few other uses you may not know about.

Our favourite Spray and Cook tricks

  1. Coat your knives or graters to create a better glide for easy chopping and grating.
  2. To avoid sticky ingredients staying behind in measuring cups and spoons, spray the equipment first.
  3. Line your plastic containers with cooking spray and never deal with sauce stains again.
  4. Spray your hands before working with minced meat so it won’t cling to your fingers.
  5. Spray cooking oil over your popcorn before you pop it, then toss it lightly. The kernels will pop evenly and your seasoning will stick better, too.
  6. A few sprays of Spray and Cook on your kids’ bicycle chains will have them peddling smoothly again.
  7. Fix squeaking taps and fixtures and give them a great shine with a bit of cooking spray.
  8. After a long week, spoil yourself with a pedi and add a quick spritz of cooking oil. It will set the polish and moisturise your cuticles.

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