9 reasons to go off sugar

9 reasons to go off sugar

Sugar is hidden in most of the sugary drinks in South Africa. Out of 18, Coke is only number 9 out of most sugar-packed drinks. Here are 9 reasons why you should go off sugar.

9-reasons-to-go-off-sugarIf you went off sugar…

  • You’d boost your pancreas: ‘Your pancreas secretes insulin, which helps to control your blood sugar. But if there’s too much sugar, it can overburden your pancreas,’ explains Lila Bruk, a registered dietician.
  • Your teeth would be in great condition: Sugar acts like an acid that dissolves the enamel on teeth, and the bacteria in your mouth uses sugar as energy to multiply and attach itself to the surface of teeth. This becomes plaque that eats away at the tooth’s enamel, creating cavities.
  • Your brain would be in good condition: Consistently high blood sugar levels can lead to the ageing of the brain associated with dementia. Blood sugar spikes can also be a trigger for headaches and migraines.
  • You’d suffer less thrush: A sugary diet has also been linked to bouts of yeas infections, such as thrush. In fact, doctors have found that women who reduce their sugar intake often see an improvement in their thrush symptoms.
  • You’d age slower: When sugar is present in the skin, it forms cross-links with amino acids that may have been damaged by free radicals. These cross-links then inhibit the skin’s repair mechanism leaving you premature ageing skin.
  • Your body would store less fat: Your blood glucose level rises rapidly each time you eat sugar and this stimulates the release of the hormone insulin, signalling your body to store fat. And, the more sugar you consume at one time, the greater the rise in blood glucose and insulin and the longer you stay in ‘fat mode’.
  • You’d be helping your heart: a 15-year-log-study recently indicated that a sugar filled diet may increase your risk of heart disease – even if you aren’t overweight. Sugar can influence the way your heart pumps and increase your risk of heart failure.
  • You’d boost your digestion: fructose is the sugar added to many processed foods and tends to ferment in the gut, causing wind, a gurgling tummy and diarrhoea.
  • You’d be more alert: Scientists have found that sugar blocks the action of orexins, which are brain cells responsible for alertness and energy burning. This explains why you feel like taking a nap after a carb-heavy meal, because these foods are quickly broken down into sugar in the body.

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