Avoiding germs in the office

Avoiding germs in the office

Working in an office means you’re potentially at greater risk of catching colds, flu and stomach bugs from your colleagues, as confined office areas make it easy for germs to spread quickly. Nhlanhla Mdhluli, Brand Manager for Linctagon®, offers the following tips for reducing your risk of infection at work:


Lift buttons

Just about every person in your building will press the buttons in the lift, including those who are sick and don’t wash their hands. You can use your elbow instead of your fingers to press the buttons, as germs on your hands are much more likely to reach your mouth and make you ill. You may also be spreading germs unintentionally if you cover your
mouth when sneezing or coughing – and then use that hand to press the lift button. Again, use your elbow instead. Also make sure you wash or sanitise your hands after sneezing and coughing.

Keyboard and mouse

Studies have revealed that keyboards in offices can be more germ-filled than toilet seats. Regularly clean and sanitise your keyboard and mouse.

Door handles

What with employees, visitors and delivery people, door handles get a lot of action. You can’t avoid touching them, but you can ensure you wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face throughout the day so that you
don’t spread germs to your mouth.

Office mugs

If you share mugs with your colleagues, consider bringing and washing your own mug instead. There’s no way of knowing whether a shared mug’s been properly washed and it only takes a sip to transfer nasty, virus-inducing germs.


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