Beauty secrets from around the world

Beauty secrets from around the world

Women around the globe have been incorporating their surroundings into their beauty routines for years. We look at what we can learn from them. 

beauty secrets

African allure

Beauty routines in Africa revolve around keeping skin healthy, super-hydrated and protected from the sun. In South Africa, we’re used to the intense dryness our skin experiences during winter and the danger it faces from the harsh sun in summer. Women in other areas of our continent face similar problems and turn to their natural environments to stay looking and feeling beautiful.

Secret ingredients

Ximenia oil from the savannah helps skin moisturise itself by improving the functioning of the sebaceous glands. It also soothes, hydrates and fights signs of ageing.

Shea butter from West and Central Africa contains anti-inflammatory compounds and wrinkle-reducing acids,
and is a powerful moisturiser.

Argan oil from Morocco is packed with beauty benefits. This miraculous oil calms and moisturises skin and acts as
natural sun protection. It also has incredible anti-ageing properties due to its high vitamin E and fatty acid content, as well as its abundance of antioxidants.

All-natural Australia

Much like us, Aussies’ main beauty concern is skincare. Sun protection is essential Down Under – and natural and simple is the Australian way. Tousled waves with a pared-back, natural face dotted with moisturiser, a good sunscreen and a touch of bronzer do the trick.

Secret ingredient 

Tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia tree, predominantly grown in New South Wales.
This unique ingredient gently promotes healing in the skin with its natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties, restoring its bacterial flora without harming healthy cell and tissue growth. It can be used for a variety of skin concerns, including acne, dandruff, eczema and cold sores.

China’s charms

Chinese women are renowned for their radiant, youthful-looking skin. For generations, they’ve relied largely on herbs such as goji, huáng qí and bei qi to keep their complexions glowing, whether applied topically or steeped for tea.

Secret ingredients 

Goji berries promote clear, youthful skin with their powerhouse antioxidant properties, vitamin C, minerals and amino acids, all of which support the production of collagen.

Powdered mung beans are thought to be effective in treating acne, brightening skin and reducing puffiness when mixed into a paste and applied as a face mask.

Jade rollers are thought to help minimise fine lines, decrease swelling and puffiness and improve under-eye circles.


French fancy

For French women, beauty should never equal pain. Their beauty routines are inspired by effortless, simple and gentle techniques and products, and greater importance is put on prevention and upkeep over the long term, rather than ‘quick-fixes’. Facials are a must, paired with a few uncomplicated products – anything beyond a cleanser, moisturiser, gentle exfoliator and occasional mask is considered unnecessary and overly complicated. For French
women, less really is more.

Water. (Yes, really!) High-quality spring water gradually infuses with trace elements and silicates, providing a perfectly
balanced mineral composition for sensitive skin. It helps soothe, cool and calm the skin, treating redness and irritation.

Beautiful Brazil

Brazilian women are considered to be among the most beautiful in the world – so what’s their secret? Well, a lot of it is down to genetics, but their beauty routines also play a vital role in their flawless looks. Their beauty practices are inspired by their surroundings and what nature has to offer. Brazilians believe that beauty begins with what you put into your body, so remaining hydrated and eating skin superfoods like beetroot are essential.

Secret ingredient 

Acai berries are not only a regular food source in Brazil, but are also a powerfully effective ingredient in many beauty products. These potent berries are packed with antioxidants and nutrients to fight free radicals, which helps delay signs of ageing, controls breakouts, minimises blemishes, helps with hyper-pigmentation, and repairs and hydrates
the skin.

South Korean sensations

Korean skincare routines have become famous around the globe and focus on the complete removal of dirt and impurities. These routines can contain upwards of 10 steps and aim to cleanse the skin right down to the pores, which usually involves using a nourishing cleansing oil, followed by an exfoliating cleanser. Clean skin, which is better able to absorb active ingredients, is then treated with serums, essences, moisturisers and nourishing sheet masks for firming, plumping and moisturising. Korean women also perform facial exercises and massages to release toxins and
stimulate blood flow.

Secret ingredient 

Sheet masks round out almost every nightly Korean skincare routine, for ultimate skin repair and hydration and to promote a youthful glow.




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