Make-up look: 5 minute smoky eye

Make-up look: 5 minute smoky eye

Beauty blogger, Natalie Osmond, has a few tips and tricks on how to create the smoky eye look in a hurry. It can be created in under five minutes and you can use just one palette. Natalie used the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette, but you can use any palette that carries similar shades.

1.Place eyelid primer onto your lids before you start so that your shadow lasts all day and you reduce the amount of fallout. Use a matte taupe shadow and place it all over your lid.

2.Gently pat a gunmetal grey shade onto three quarters of the lid. Don’t worry about being precise, blending will come.

3.To save time, ditch the eyeliner and use eyeshadow. Use a black eyeshadow and a pencil make-up brush. Place a small amount of shadow onto the brush and gently work the shadow into the lash line. Place the brush between your lashes and gently wiggle from left to right. This will make lashes appear thicker and begin the smoky effect.

4.Taking the same black shadow and pencil brush, create a sideways V on the outer corner of the eye. Don’t worry about being precise as you’ll be blending in the next step. Using the small amount of product left on the pencil brush, gently run the brush halfway under your waterline to give your eye a more put-together look.

5.Using a fluffy blending brush and circular motions, start in the middle of the lid and work your way out. In your crease, using windshield wiper motions, gently work out any harsh lines. Once you have the desired blend, you’re going to lighten up the inner corners of your eyes with a white or champagne colour to make you look a little more awake.

6.Curl your lashes and apply a generous coat to the top and bottom lashes.


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