A checklist for your ageing parents

A checklist for your ageing parents

If you have ageing parents, knowing some crucial information can be a matter of life and death when an emergency arises.

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Here are 6 SOS tips to have at your fingertips…

  1. Names of doctors: have these in your contacts. They’ll have full medical histories if you need them.
  2. List of allergies: this is especially important if one of your parents is allergic to a medication, such as penicillin, or has experienced side effects to certain medications in the past.
  3. Advance directives: any documents such as a living will can help your family make decisions about ongoing care and resuscitation efforts.
  4. Major medical problems: make sure you’re informed about their most recent check-up with regards to blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  5. List of medications: know what medication they are taking, so that you can inform an emergency physician.
  6. Medical aid details: make sure you know their scheme name, details of their plan and membership number.
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