DIY treatment for minor burns

DIY treatment for minor burns

Minor burns are common during winter – using heaters, filling hot water bottles, and enjoying cups of hot soup and tea all present hazards…

DIY treatment for minor burns

How to treat a minor burn at home, and how to tell when a burn needs medical attention:

  1. Immerse a minor burn in cool water immediately. This relieves the pain to an extent and cools the skin. The longer you do this the better.
  2. Cover the burn with Burnshield or a special burn ointment (every family first aid kit should contain this!). In many cases, this can avoid a large painful blister from forming.
  3. Cover with a sterile, non-stick dressing to prevent infection, especially if the skin has blistered and you suspect you may need to seek further treatment.
  4. Aloe vera gel can help soothe superficial burns after initial treatment with burn ointment


Get medical advice for burns:

  • That are deep or larger than the palm of your hand
  • To the face, hands or across joints
  • That contain blisters or that darken or break the skin
  • That are not completely clean
  • That cause prolonged pain.
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