Drink coffee – increase your memory!

Drink coffee – increase your memory!

Exciting new studies have shown that caffeine can help memory.

Drink coffee – increase your memory!South Africans love a good cup of Rooibos, but maybe sticking to a traditional cup of coffee is the way forward if you want to improve your long-term memory.

The journal Nature Neuroscience published a study saying that participants who had been given caffeine pills performed better on memory tests than those given a placebo. A total of 160 participants aged 18-30 were given cards to classify, and afterwards were given either a caffeine pill or a placebo. A day later, they were asked to do the same test again with new cards in the mix. The ones on the caffeine pill could identify the new cards faster than those on the placebo. No definite conclusions have been drawn and another study needs to be done, but this does replicate findings from a study on bees! The bees that visited caffeinated flowers were more likely to return to those flowers than others (and therefore remembered where they were) than those that visited decaffeinated flowers.

Just note before topping up your cuppa: the side effects of caffeine aren’t always so great. Too much can lead to anxiety, trouble sleeping and even cellulite! However, coffee grounds rubbed on the skin can make an excellent exfoliator and actually help to remove the orange peel skin.


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