Enhance your beauty regime with Bikram yoga

Enhance your beauty regime with Bikram yoga

Besides beautiful muscles and a calm mind, we asked Sally Flanagan, owner of Bikram Yoga Jozi studio in Illovo, how this super-hot style of yoga can enhance our beauty regimes.


Get more beauty sleep:
Bikram yoga is great for those suffering with insomnia. After practising intense postures in a heated room, the body is invigorated while the mind is still. This promotes deep relaxation and better sleeping patterns.

Look years younger: Bikram yoga doesn’t offer a quick beauty fix like Botox or plastic surgery, but the long term benefits of deep breathing and moving in a heated room – is a body free of injury, as the heat lubricates the joints and eases muscle tension. This also improves the function of the heart, lungs and central nervous system.

Practise powerful postures:
“A big bonus for Bikram lovers is that it’s one of the only forms of physical exercise where you gain energy instead of lose it,” says Sally. The series of 26 different postures include some to help you relax and others to challenge you mentally and physically. They’re all designed to stretch our muscles, straighten the spine and improve our postures.

De-stress and detox: The benefit of being in a heated room while exercising is that it allows you to stretch more and sweat more, releasing toxins from the body. This also helps to improve the tone and condition of your skin. Deep breathing and sweating also improves circulation and sends nutrient-rich blood into the body creating a healthier glow from head to toe.

For more information, click here (www.bikramyoga.co.za).


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