Buy healthy and save? It’s possible with Kimbino!

Buy healthy and save? It’s possible with Kimbino!

Let the Kimbino app help you to buy healthy food and still save on your monthly budget. Plus it’s so easy to use!  

If you look at your budget every month, you will find that most of your money is spent on food. It is important, however, to take a look at what food items you are buying. Yes, we do spend a lot of money on food items, but how many of that is actually healthy for us? Now, more than ever, it is important to look at what we put into our bodies. As they say “you are what you eat”!

Eating healthy can be expensive

Many people choose the unhealthy option when it comes to food and drinks because it is often cheaper. However, it shouldn’t be. With an app like Kimbino, it is easier than ever to find specials on all the items you are looking for. Kimbino is an online platform that hosts special catalogues from many different retailers. This way, you can find discounts on all the products you are looking for.

Want to start living healthier? Simply search for the items you are looking for on Kimbino’s easy-to-use app or website, and find all the discount prices in one place. But remember, Kimbino don’t just offer food product catalogues, they have a variety of catalogues from many stores! Looking for a specific shop such as Makro? With Kimbino, you can find Makro specials with just a few clicks.

Save time, buy cheaper and live healthier!

Tips for a healthier lifestyle 

There are many things you can do to help yourself live a healthier life. Follow these five tips as a start:

  • Drink enough water. Not everyone can drink eight glasses of water a day, but if you can get to five a day, that is a great start. Water cleanses your body and fills you up, so you don’t get hungry so often!
  • Cook healthy. Find healthy products that are on special and buy them in bulk. This way, you can cook healthy dishes for longer periods, and for cheaper! Don’t you have time to cook every day? Prepare food for 2-3 days, put food in a bowl and store in the refrigerator. If you don’t have the right bowl at home, you’ll find great options in the new Tupperware catalogue. You’ll find many great kitchen helpers in the Tupperware catalogue.


  • Take your vitamins. It is vital that you get the essential vitamins and minerals in every day. The best way to absorb your vitamins is through eating healthily, but if you struggle to find healthy food every day, supplements are great alternatives to the real deal.
  • Exercise as much as possible! Try to do a 20-minute workout at least two to three times a week. Exercise keeps you fit and boosts endorphins which makes you feel really good.
  • Get some sun. The sun keeps your bones healthy. That’s because your body produces vitamin D when exposed to the sun.

Start living healthier by choosing Kimbino

Kimbino is incredibly easy to use. Gone are the days of browsing through hundreds of paper leaflets to find the products you need. Now, you can simply download the app and find all the latest discounts on your favourite healthy products all in one place. Choose to save time and be healthy – Kimbino helps!


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