5 healthy trolley swops

5 healthy trolley swops

Next time you’re in the supermarket, steer towards better health with these five savvy trolley swops.

Healthy trolley swopsMedicross dietician Francette Bekker says choosing these foods could lower your risk of getting diseases.

Make these 5 healthy trolley swops the next time you buy groceries:

Sweets and chocolates Rather fill your shopping trolley with a variety of fruit to snack on. Fruit is a healthier alternative because it doesn’t contain any fat and most types are high in fibre.

Biscuits are high in fat and sugar. A better choice would be high-fibre crackers, like Provitas.

Cream cheese and high-fat cheeses Substitute cream cheese with low-fat or fat-free cottage cheeses, and go for Mozzarella instead of Cheddar.

White bread To increase your fibre intake and prevent high blood glucose levels, choose wholewheat and low-GI bread.

Crisps and dips The fat content of crisps is very high – up to 35 percent. Rather snack on homemade popcorn and unsalted nuts. Fresh vegetables are great to dip into homemade dip. Combine equal quantities of either plain yoghurt or low-fat cottage cheese with low-fat mayonnaise


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