Healthy ways to eat your favourite indulgence

Healthy ways to eat your favourite indulgence

Chocolate is actually good for you. Time magazine’s latest findings on the benefits of dark chocolate will have you reaching for the good stuff.

Healthy ways to eat your favourite indulgence

It’s been proven to lower your blood pressure and help control your blood sugar levels. Cynthia Sass, a nutritionist and registered dietician, suggests adding dark chocolate into your meals to assist in managing your cravings for the sweet stuff. Try this healthy breakfast smoothie to get your chocolate fix! Or, sprinkle dark chocolate chips into your oats.

Dark chocolate also helps blood flow to the brain and heart, which helps improve cognitive function. ‘Melt a bit of dark chocolate by adding hot (but not boiling) water a little bit at a time as you continually stir, then drizzle it onto anything from fresh fruit to popped popcorn,’ Cynthia says.

TIP: Try this easy nutty recipe for a quick snack. Take seed butter, walnuts, macadamia nuts, cashews and almonds and mince them with dried fruit, oats, and chopped dark chocolate. Smear the combo onto sliced figs or wedges of apples and pears, or use it as a filling for celery stalks or a dip for baby carrots.

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