Home hairstyling tips to make every day a good hair day

Home hairstyling tips to make every day a good hair day

Save your money and try these home hairstyling tips to make everyday a good hair day.


How to add volume
The key to more volume is all in the cut. Avoid heavily layered hairstyles as well as jagged cuts. To add depth and make your hair appear thicker, speak to your stylist about adding well placed layers into your hair or go for a blunt cut. When it comes to colour, darker hues help to create the illusion of volume. Not a fan of dark hair? A few highlights or lowlights in the right place can also help to create dimension and depth.
Styling tip: Before blow-drying, spray your hair evenly with a volumiser and comb through, then blow dry your hair upside down!

How to add shine
Did you know that some hair types are shinier than others? Dark, straight hair has the most natural shine as it reflects light better than any other shade. If you don’t have naturally shiny locks, eat foods rich in vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids such as nuts, avocado, seeds and oily fish. Once you’ve washed your hair, rinse it with cold water before leaving the shower. Cold water closes hair cuticles and helps to boost your hair’s natural shine.

Styling tip:  Make sure to apply a good quality heat protecting spray to your hair before using any styling tools. This will help to lock moisture in – and keep hair glossy and healthy.

How to boost hair health
Fabulous looking hair starts with a healthy scalp. If you suffer with dandruff or an itchy scalp, avoid scratching or brushing too hard and invest in an anti-fungal shampoo and conditioner. If your hair is dry and lifeless- give it a weekly treatment with a good hair mask or oil. It’s also important to massage your scalp every time you wash your hair, lathering the shampoo from the roots down.

Styling tip: Blow dry your hair gently from root to tip, working in sections. Make sure not to burn your scalp. If possible, give your hair a break from styling tools and products at least twice a week.


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