At-home workouts to keep the whole family fit

At-home workouts to keep the whole family fit

Get in shape with your kids using these fun at-home workouts!

Monika Human is a full-time sports coach and a part-time fitness and nutrition coach with a passion for keeping kids and their parents healthy and fit. She and her two girls, Olivia, 10, and Sophia, 7, show us how to stay in shape and have fun with a few easy at-home workouts.


Parent and child face each other and squat while holding hands. Repeat x 20.

Tip: if your child is very little, they can climb on your back and hang on while helping you count your squats.

Plank and jump

Parent planks and child jumps over their legs. Hold this pose for as long as you can while your child jumps over your legs.

If they’re feeling up to it, you and your child can swap positions and they can plank while you jump over their legs for as long as they can hold the pose.

Plank, push-up, and pass

Parent planks while the child sits about 1m away; roll a ball to your child and do a push-up, then go down into a plank again as your child rolls the ball back to you. Repeat for as long as you can hold the pose.

If your child feels up to it, they can plank and do push-ups too instead of just sitting across from you.


Lunge and pass

Parent and child stand side by side, about 1m apart. Both step into a lunge, the parent passes a ball to the child, both return to the resting position and then step into a lunge, and the child passes the ball back to the parent.

Repeat x 20 with each leg.

Superman and squats

Have your child lie on their tummy and do a ‘superman’ pose (arms extended in front of them, and arms and legs lifted at the same time).

When they go into the superman pose, you squat in front of them and pass them a ball. When they have the ball they can relax and you can go back to the resting position.

When you go back into a squat, your child will go into the superman pose and pass the ball back to you. Repeat x 20.

You and your child can swap positions so you’re doing the superman pose and they’re doing the squats.


Parent and child bend down into a push-up position and crawl from one end of the garden to the other, jump in the air, and run back to the start.

Repeat x 20.



Parent and child lie down and hook their feet together.

As they do a sit-up, the child passes a ball to the parent. They return to the resting position and as they go into the next sit-up, the parent passes the ball back to the child. They return to the resting position again.

Repeat x20.


Parent and child position themselves about 1m apart. They go down into a push-up, come back up, and touch hands (with opposite hands). They go back down into a push-up and back up again.

Repeat x 20.

Hip thrusters

The parent lies down with their arms spread out to the side and their knees bent.

The child sits down on the parent’s hips and rests their feet on their parent’s shoulders.

When the child is holding on to your thighs, thrust your hips upwards and hold the position for a few seconds before returning to the rest position.

Repeat x 20.


Parent and child face each other and stand close together. They jump together and the parent swings the skipping rope underneath both of them. Repeat x 20.

Be careful not to catch your child’s legs with the skipping rope if they can’t jump high enough.


  • These workouts are most suitable for children over six years old.
  • Between each of these workouts, run on the spot, do jumping jacks, or do burpees and ask your child to count them with you.
  • Practice these workouts for at least 30 minutes a day, repeating them as you go.
  • Take short breaks when needed, and make sure you and your kids drink plenty of water during your workouts.


Feature: Candice Curtis | Photos: Dylan Swart | Models: Monika, Olivia and Sophia Human



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