How exercise helps you lose weight

How exercise helps you lose weight

The jury’s out: moderate exercise will kill those kilos.

If you dread working out, here are ways on how exercise helps you lose weight and to keep you motivated.


In a new weight-loss study involving over 30 000 women, researchers found that if you’re over the age of 30 you need to do at least an hour of moderate activity every day to keep your waistline in check. For those who don’t want to eat less, more exercise is required, especially if you’re already carrying extra kilos. But the good news is, this doesn’t mean killing yourself in the gym for hours on end. Moderate exercise means brisk walking or jogging, leisurely cycling, light weight training or swimming, which all offer great benefits that extend beyond what you see in the mirror.


Regular exercise also helps to:

  • Keep the heart and lungs healthy
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Rev up the metabolism
  • Promote detoxification through breathing and sweating
  • Offer protection against a host of chronic diseases
  • Help to prevent ageing by keeping the bones, muscles and organs strong and healthy

Not a fan of cardiovascular activities? Give low-intensity exercises a try, such as yoga and Pilates. They’re both very good for releasing tension in the mind and muscles, while helping to improve overall muscular tone and flexibility, even if you don’t do enough to lose weight.


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