How to pull off green eyeshadow

How to pull off green eyeshadow

Give your eyes the wow factor with the latest eyeshadow trend.


If you’re keen to divert from your usual brown eyeshadow, but not sure which colour to try, we say go for green! Why? “Just a hint of green can enhance any eye colour, so less is definitely more” says make-up artist, Mathew Nigara.

How to wear it:

Fair skins can carry a deeper shade of green, medium skin is best with lighter, golden hues and dark complexions suit richer emerald tones. Follow these simple steps to pull off the look:

  1. Apply eyeshadow primer to the lids. This will help to set the shadow smoothly and evenly.
  2. Use a soft green shade up to the brow bone. Apply the lightest shade with an eyeshadow applicator and blend until even.
  3. Blend in the second shade up to the eyebrow crease. Choose a shade that complements your skin and eye colour.
  4. Add the eyeliner. Create a clean, sharp line on top of your eyelid, and extend outward to the edge of the eyes.
  5. Add a third layer of green lightly on top of the liner. This is the final step that’ll help to blend the shades for maximum impact.
  6. Add another stroke of eyeliner on top of the final layer. This will make your eyes pop!
  7. Finish your look with a few coats of mascara. Make sure you pick a brown or black mascara to highlight the lashes and emphasize the eyes.
  8. Remember to keep the rest of your look natural. Opt for nude lip tones and lighter blusher.

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