Did you know you could get skin cancer here…

Did you know you could get skin cancer here…


Skin cancer is a reality today and while there is a great deal of information out there, many people are still uninformed.

See below places where skin cancer can form:

  • Under the nails: Normally sporting a layer of funky polish, it’s easy to miss a melanoma here. And gel manicures that use direct UV rays on hands and feet mean they’re cropping up on hands and feet more and more. When applying sunblock, cover your nails too, regardless of whether you’re wearing polish. Have regular breaks from wearing polish instead of wearing nail colour all year round.
  • Soles and palms: Don’t skip these areas when applying sunblock. Make sure to apply between the toes and fingers, as well as on soles and palms.
  • Eyelids: When applying sunblock to your face, don’t forget the eyelids. And always wear good quality polarised sunglasses when out in the sun and while driving, to give your eyes added protection.
  • Scalp: Your hairdresser can help you check for any spots, unusual pigmentation or moles on the scalp. Always wear a hat when you’re in direct sun. Men with male pattern baldness should always apply sunblock to the scalp. Lightweight, non-greasy sprays are easiest to apply. Pay attention to the area behind the ears and the earlobes themselves.
  • Underarms: Inspect them regularly using a hand mirror.
  • Groin: Melanoma can be hard to spot in the groin area, the vulva and labia. This is yet another important reason not to skip your annual gynaecological check-up. If you have regular waxes, your beauty therapist may be able to spot them too.
  • Tattoos: Your pretty inking doesn’t offer protection against skin cancer, and can even conceal a potential melanoma, so check tattooed areas extra carefully. Never tattoo over a mole.

See a dermatologist every year if your family has a history of skin cancer.


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