Learn about poison

Learn about poison

Discover the myths and facts behind the power of poison in a brand new, exciting and interactive exhibition that is fun for the whole family.

How much do we know about poison? Is it friend or foe?
Learn about poison’s fascinating place in history, from the cures it has created to the myths it has spawned. Lift the veil and get closer to the mystery of poison with amazing live exhibits and interactive games.

This brand new exhibition takes you on an exciting journey as you are encouraged to play the role of detective. Learn about various forms of poison before being challenged to solve different scenarios.

Adapted from an exhibition created by the American Museum of Natural History, The Power of Poison Exhibition is an interactive experience that explores the role of poison in nature, human health, history, literature and myth.

The Power of Poison Exhibition will be open from June 24 to August 24 2016 at Silverstar Casino, Johannesburg. Tickets from R85 to R140.

For more information, visit www.exporsa.co.za
Telephone: 021 418 0738
Email: [email protected]

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