How to look less tired

How to look less tired

Although modern living has many of us feeling flat or downright strung out, the last place you want it showing is on your face.

Ever had a colleague say ‘You look exhausted?’ as you arrive at the office? Although unwelcome, your face, and particularly your eyes, is sending a message. Poor sleep, hydration and diet all leave their mark. Follow these tips to look less tired in next to no time.

  1.  A light dab of concealer all around the eyes will help reduce the appearance of dark circles and hide any lingering redness.
  2. Gently massaging the eye area will boost circulation and help any excess fluid drain away. Sleeping on a pillow that’s too flat can exacerbate puffy eyes, whereas sleeping with your head slightly more elevated will prevent excess fluid pooling where it shouldn’t.
  3. A pop of colour can detract from a sleepy, pale face. A lip colour slightly brighter than usual, or a pop of peachy blush will help perk things up and accentuate your cheeks.
  4. Apply a cold compress to the eye area for 10-15 minutes to help shrink the blood vessels around the eye area. This is only a temporary fix though.
  5. Over-the-counter eye drops can help reduce bloodshot eyes. Staring at a computer screen reduces your blink rate, leading to drier, tired-looking eyes, so be sure to take regular breaks.
  6. Use a brightening stick on the brow bones, on the outer corner of the eyes and the upper forehead.
  7. Minimise pores with a primer like Maybelline’s Baby Face to make foundation glide on, rather than settling into pores.
  8. Stay hydrated during the day, making sure you sip enough water or herbal tea to keep your urine the palest yellow or clear. But this isn’t a one-day fix. Drinking enough water keeps your kidneys functioning well, and improves toxicity in the body (a side effect of which is dark under eye circles).
  9. Steer clear of salty, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, high sugar foods, and alcohol. They’ll add very few essential nutrients and will cause you to retain water.
  10.  A good eye and night cream is essential in the evening: anything rich in hyaluronic acid will boost hydration in the skin, plumping out the skin instead of leaving it saggy and dry.
  11.  There’s a time for pink-hued eyeshadows, and a tired morning isn’t it. It’ll only bring out the red in your already red eyes. A coloured liner in a shade that closely matches your skin colour will help conceal redness along the eyeline.
  12.  Avoid overdoing the eye area. Too much liner can make eyes appear smaller and wearier. If you wear nothing else, a layer of mascara will open up the eyes and make them pop.


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