Make-up look: the cut crease eye

Make-up look: the cut crease eye

Popular on fashion runways, there are six easy steps to creating a wearable version of this look. Francois Louw, Avroy Shlain cosmetics colour and beauty ambassador, shares this step-by-step guide:

1. Apply a layer of foundation to your eyelids, to work as a primer. With a soft eye pencil, draw a line directly onto your natural crease. Give your line a small flick on the outer edge, like the one you would draw when creating a cat eyeliner.

2.With a blending brush and a small amount of eyeshadow, begin blending the line you just created upwards. The powder foundation that works as a primer will make blending very easy. Make sure to keep the bottom part of the line sharp and non-blended. On the area below your line, apply a light eyeshadow to set the foundation.

3.With the same pencil, draw a line on your bottom lash line, this time creating a small flick that goes out
and downwards.

4.Blend the bottom line well using a pencil brush. You can add a bit of eyeshadow while blending, to set the pencil and create a long-lasting effect.

5.With a white or cream colour pencil, line your bottom waterline. This will make your eyes seem larger and
rounder. You can also use a light concealer stick to create this look.

6.Tap a white or cream eyeshadow onto your brow bone to define the brow shape. Apply two coats of black mascara to finish off this look.




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