Quick fixes for beauty disasters

Quick fixes for beauty disasters

beauty disasters

Beauty blunders!

So you’ve got a party coming up, or perhaps a long-awaited date night, which naturally means a little extra grooming to get gorgeous on the double. But, as luck would have it, disaster strikes…


Whether you’ve attempted a new beauty trick that just didn’t work out, or the universe decided to throw you a curveball, don’t panic – these solutions will have you looking fab again in no time. No one ever has to know!

Fake-tan faux pas

All you wanted was a gorgeous, sun-kissed glow to take your look up a notch, but…

Your tan turned out far too dark…

It’s important to choose the right tan for your skin tone. If you’re the type who goes from pale to red after a few minutes in the sun, stay away from darker fake tans and go for a light to medium option instead, or a lightly bronzing moisturiser.

If you went a few shades too dark and your ‘glow’ has more of an orange tone than you’d hoped for, don’t despair. All you have to do is break the fake tan rules:

  1. Apply coconut or baby oil all over your skin. This is usually a no-no, as oils can break down your tan, but in an emergency that’s exactly what you want.
  2. Once the oil has soaked into your skin, soak in a warm bath. This will lift the colour of your tan further.
  3. After the bath, jump into the shower and lightly and evenly rub your skin with a loofah. Don’t rub too hard or you might cause patches, you just need a gentle even scrub to lighten the skin by a few shades.


You’ve ended up splotchy with tanned palms and soles…

As you apply the tan, stop every now and then to gently wipe areas that tend to hold colour more – knees, elbows, ankles and the soles of your feet. Use sensitive wipes that’ll just remove a little colour and not interfere chemically. To avoid tanned palms, wear a tanning mitt while applying, which also helps keep the application even.

If you’ve passed the point of no return and splotches and patches have you feeling a little Frankenstein-ish, don’t worry, you can still salvage your tan:

  1. Soak a face cloth in a mixture of lime juice, lemon juice and water, put it in a bowl and microwave for a minute.
  2. Leave it to cool a little, and then rub on the blotchy areas to break down the colour.
  3. For stubborn areas like your palms, try a good exfoliating product that also moisturises.

A spot of bother

You’re all set – hair done, outfit sorted, feeling gorgeous and confident, until you glance in the mirror and see The Dreaded Zit. Not to worry though, as Lady Macbeth once proclaimed, ‘Out, damned spot! out I say’, and we heartily agree. If the spot has become a whitehead, you can very gently squeeze it using a sterilised extraction tool or with clean hands using a tissue, but be careful not to draw blood. If the spot is more of a lump under the ski, dab a little tea tree oil on it or use a gentle targeted spot treatment that will soothe the skin and diminish the appearance of spots. To hide the spot, don’t g overboard with layers of concealer, as this can draw attention to the area. Instead, use a full coverage foundation that’ll give your face a uniform colour and hide any residual redness.

Make or break

It takes ages to grow your nails to the perfect length and a lot of effort to keep them perfectly manicured, so when you’re finally there and one breaks, you might be tempted to just march into the bathroom and angrily chop them all down to size and start from scratch.

But, if you’ve been carefully nurturing them for the express purpose of showing them off at that big party in an hour’s time, put the clippers down. There is another way…

Pop into your nearest beauty store and buy a pack of affordable, easy-to-apply falsies. Apply one over the offending traitor of a nail, file down to the same length as your other nails, buff into shape, and paint the same colour as the rest. Hey presto, as good as new! It’s a short-term fix, but it’ll get you through the night looking as glamorous as you’d envisioned.


Just my pluck

Plucking in a rush is never recommended – just one wrong move and suddenly a gap appears! If your eyebrows are looking a little thin or patchy from a tweezer mishap, try these tricks for fuller, neater brows:

Fill in the gaps

If you’re basically happy with the shape of your brows but just need to correct a few over-zealous plucks, you can use a pencil, cream or powder eyebrow filler for touch-ups. Stay as close as possible to the actual shade of your brows, or
go slightly lighter to maintain a natural, blended look. You could even use light touches of eyeshadow carefully applied with an edged brush if you don’t plan on using a brow filler for a prolonged period.

Shape and define

If you want to shape your brows to perfection, try a product that helps with definition. Go one shade darker than
your natural brows, and apply carefully to maintain a natural-looking arch and neat angles.

Red alert

Whether you’re flushed from heat or exercise, caught some sun or are just a little red in the face from over-exfoliating, show up looking cool, calm and collected with these anti-redness remedies:

Cold compress: If your face is feeling puffy and looking irritated, take 10 minutes to cool down and alleviate the swelling. Just soak a clean face cloth in ice-cold water and wring out the excess, leave it in the freezer for a few minutes, then lie back and place it on your face. Your face will feel refreshed and the redness should calm down.

Go green: Remember your ‘colour wheel’ from primary school? Red was always opposite green, as red and green are complementary colours. The same is true for your face – green will neutralise redness in your skin, so apply a green tone under your foundation and redness will all but disappear. It’s handy to keep a palette that includes other colours too, which you can also use for dark eye circles and shadows.



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