Raise a glass to health

Raise a glass to health

Health is only one of a number of reasons to choose glass…

Raise a glass to health

Health: As a parent your first concern is always that of the health and safety of your family. And with today’s rushed pace of parenting, food is often precooked, stored and heated in microwaves, making glass the perfect container choice. Completely pure and organic, glass ensures that your food is as natural and full of flavour goodness as it was intended to be. And because glass containers don’t mix or react with their contents, even when heated, your food will be protected from contamination, leaving the choice of what you and your family eat and drink entirely up to you. 

Taste: When it comes to keeping your family happy and content, taste is everything. Glass as packaging helps to preserve its contents naturally, thereby ensuring that the quality and flavours of your food and drinks remain exactly as they were intended – delicious. This is worth considering not only when storing homemade goodies, but also when buying your groceries.

Recyclability: When thinking of the future of our children and loved ones we all want to set a good example and leave behind a healthy planet for them to inherit. Glass has been trusted for thousands of years as an environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging choice. Starting its life as sand, glass may spend time as a bottle, a jar or even a vase – without ever losing its integrity or harming the environment. By recycling your glass bottles and jars, you are actively participating in the preservation of our planet.  

Reusability: Managing a home can be an expensive process, and we’re all looking for ways to cut costs. With as many uses as your mind can imagine, glass can be infinitely reused without ever losing its strength or good looks. Once you’re done with your bottles and jars, just wash them, reinvent them and reuse them, over and over again.

Class: Whether it’s creating the perfect birthday party for a loved one, a braai with friends, or a weekend picnic, the timeless, classic elegance of glass never fails to bring a sense of style and good taste to any occasion. With so many things to consider when choosing packaging these days, you can relax in the knowledge that the glass packaging you choose will not only help keep you healthy, but will also keep your food and drinks tasting delicious. Good for your family. Good for you.

Raise a glass to health with these delicious recipes that will serve perfectly out of glass:

Spiced Cookies

Spiced cookies glass

Healthy Chocolate Oat Treats

Healthy oat treats glass

Microwave Strawberry Jam

Microwave-strawberry-jam- glass

Strawberry Swirl and Meringue Sundaes

Strawberry sundaes glass

Ready-to-go Salad in a Jar

Salad in a jar glass

Tomato, Yoghurt and Guacamole Dip

dip glass

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