Sweeter than you think: 5 reasons to love prunes

Sweeter than you think: 5 reasons to love prunes

Prunes are making a comeback as one of the most versatile and health-beneficial foods available to today.


Learn why in the 5 reasons to love prunes below:

  1. They keep you regular. Contrary to popular belief, prunes aren’t just an old faithful remedy for the days you’re feeling a little “backed up”. Eating small portions of prunes regularly as part of a healthy diet is a great way to simply keep the “plumbing” in good working order. Thanks to their high sorbitol content, prunes can act as a natural laxative. But as every remedy goes, it’s always wise to chat to your doctor before committing to any regime, medicinal or otherwise. And be careful not to eat too many at once… you don’t want to be too regular
  2. They’re good for you. Packed with a host of excellent nutrients like potassium, Vitamin K, Vitamin A and loads of fibre, prunes are right up there with other “superfoods” we’ve come to know and love. You can do no wrong by implementing prunes in your diet, according to Healthline.com. Besides being a great source of energy, they don’t give you that heady sugar spike that other fruits tend to give you. Researchers think that this could be a result of their high fructose, sorbitol and fibre content. Why not switch up one of your daily eight glasses of water with a glass of prune juice? After all, even the biggest water-lovers can sometimes find plain H2O a bit boring.
  3. They’re good for the waistline. This is good news for anyone who overindulged a little over the Easter Holidays. A recent study showed that participants who snacked on prunes during their diets lost weight, despite the usual warnings to eat dried fruit sparingly because of their concentrated sugar content. The study suggested that eating prunes could actually help those trying to slim down by suppressing their appetites. The research team added that “the appetite-suppressing effects of prunes outweigh any damage done by their sugar content”. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the trusty prune will become the next diet fad, but until those clever researchers pin that information down for us, I think we can agree that prunes are a good idea for anyone trying to stick to a healthy diet.
  4. They’re easy on the pocket. We all love a good deal, don’t we? With the price of food skyrocketing on a weekly basis, consumers are always on the look-out for great deals on quality produce. Because of their excellent shelf-life, prunes are a great way to save on food in the long term. Fresh fruit can go off within a week where prunes can stay fresh (in an airtight container) for up to six months. Prunes with pips are even better, especially if you’re on a budget. Even though they have pips, they will be better priced than those without them.
  5. They’re downright delicious. Sweet and juicy, prunes simply taste great and are ideal for snacking and cooking. They’re an excellent substitute for other sugar-packed foods, helping even the biggest “sweet-tooth” cut down on their sugary fixes. What’s more, you can include them in practically every meal:
    • Breakfast:Stir them into your morning oats or add them to your fruit smoothie
    • Meats:Marinating or roasting any kind of meat with prunes adds a natural sweetness and helps the meat keep its moisture
    • Dessert:Why not add chopped prunes to your cake or muffin batter for sweetness and texture in your baked goodies?


    Now that your mind has been blown with all these useful tips, be sure to pop a bag of sweet, juicy prunes into your trolley on your next visit to the store.


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