Simple steps to equanimity

Simple steps to equanimity

Learn to notice your behaviour without judging yourself. This awareness is key to becoming less stressed.

Simple steps to equanimity

The idea is that if you take the time to recognise how you respond to stress, and without judgement, try to react differently the next time.

Try these simple steps to reach equanimity:

  1. Notice how you talk to yourself by writing a few lines in a journal every morning. After a week or so, you’ll become more aware of your inner voice and the things you keep mulling over and reacting too. Simple meditation techniques, practicing yoga or noting how you talk to yourself, will make you more aware of this. Also, try positive affirmations, such as: ‘I love myself unconditionally’, ‘I’m a good person who deserves to be happy’, and, ‘This too shall pass’.
  2. Instead of repressing or venting an angry reaction when it arises, begin simply by noticing it, then telling yourself mentally to ‘let’ (on an inhale breath) and ‘go’ (on an exhale breath). Now focus on responding assertively, not aggressively or passively. Ask yourself whether the situation really is as terrible as you think it is, and if you’ll care about it as much tomorrow, in a week, or in a year’s time.

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