Should you still bring home the bacon?

Should you still bring home the bacon?

WHO reports on link between processed meats and cancer…

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A recent World Health Organization report linked the consumption of certain meats to increased incidence of colorectal cancer. But what exactly does it mean? No more bacon or ham sandwiches?

The report found a link between the consumption of processed meats, ie those containing nitrates, with colorectal and other cancers. These meats (which include smoked meat products like ham, bacon and sausages) are processed to enhance flavour and increase shelf-life.

The report also stated that the risk of eating regular red meat has more to do with the way it’s cooked, with grilling and braaiing creating potential carcinogens such as heterocyclic aromatic amines. Red meat itself has not been linked directly with cancer.

The report stressed that as regards the general population’s risk of developing cancer, smoking, alcohol consumption and obesity increased risks of colorectal cancer far more than any meat consumption. A diet rich in fruit, vegetables and fibre, with regular exercise, is the best way to minimise risk of colorectal cancer.

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