Stop dry skin this winter

Stop dry skin this winter

Fighting dry skin is harder when the air is cold and dry. Add wind to the mix and your skin needs even more TLC to protect it from environmental stressors.

And so to bed

  • Skin that battles with dirt and make-up can’t rejuvenate adequately, so always cleanse and remove make-up before bedtime.
  • 100% cotton bedding is best as it allows your skin to breathe.
  • Always keep a full glass of water by your bed – staying hydrated is one of the most neglected areas of skincare.

Night care

Your skin needs nightly restoration to recover from the harsh environmental stressors it faces during the day. Use a night cream that’s rich enough to leave your skin feeling supple and slightly moist when you wake in the morning.

Day duty

You may need a richer moisturiser than the one you use during summer. Choose one with a minimum SPF of 15.

7 Rules to prevent dry, wrinkled skin

  1. Swap your regular foaming cleanser for a cream or milk version. Foaming agents commonly used in these cleansers tend to be drying.
  2. Stay hydrated throughout winter. Drink warm water or herbal, caffeine-free teas if you cannot face cold water.
  3. Hot baths are tempting, but a quick, warm shower is kinder to your skin AND hair.
  4. Keep a humidifier in your room, especially if you have a heater on.
  5. Healthy fats from avocados, seeds and nuts will help keep skin supple.
  6. Try these coconut lotion bars made from coconut oil and beeswax. Rub the bar on your heels and elbows every night to soften and moisturise the skin.
  7. Body exfoliants are useful for dry skin as they’ll make it easier for your skin to absorb the clever ingredients in your body moisturiser. Try this homemade one .
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