Sunscreen is the fountain of youth

Sunscreen is the fountain of youth

We’ve heard it before, but a new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, and discussed on, suggests that sunscreen does more than prevent cancer – it keeps you looking younger, for longer.

Sunscreen – the fountain of youth

Dr Doris Day, a dermatologist not associated with the study, is quoted as saying in Time magazine, ‘As dermatologists, we’ve been saying for years and years, use SPF every day all year round. I always say, if you don’t need a flashlight to see outside, you need protection.’

Wearing sunscreen every day shows in skin looking 24 percent younger, compared to people who wear it only occasionally. The study looked at 900 people under 55 and discovered, to quote Time magazine, ‘Those regularly using sunscreen were less likely to have increased skin aging after 4.5 years — even those in middle age.’

The Coco Chanel skin isn’t worth the wrinkles – and the risk of cancer. Teach your children the importance of habitually putting on sunscreen from an early age, and you’ll keep them, and yourself, looking younger for longer.

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