Tips for your daughter’s first make-up look

Tips for your daughter’s first make-up look

As your daughter matures and becomes more interested in make-up and beauty, there are tips you can give her for her first make-up look!

  1. Explain beauty care to your daughter and give her advice on how to wash her face correctly and how many times she should be cleansing daily.
  2. Introduce her to the world of lip gloss and mascara, emphasising that it’s her natural beauty that’s the showstopper, and not the add-ons she’s using to enhance a look.
  3. Buy her a starter kit and explain the different elements contained inside.
  4. Once she has mastered mascara and lip gloss, allow her to experiment with a shimmery eyeshadow on special evening occasions.
  5. The end result should always be a natural look that highlights – not hides – a teen’s best features. For girls who love wild colours, experts advise you to encourage your teen to experiment with nail polish, not make-up.


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