Top tips for a flat, bloat-free belly

Top tips for a flat, bloat-free belly

Do you have a bloaty belly from overindulging? Beat the bloat in a hurry with these easy tips!


Fill up with water: to prevent water retention caused by dehydration.

Avoid: beans, pears, onions, dairy and carbonated drinks. They’re all prone to producing excess gas.

Eat fibre: to help flush everything through your digestive tract quicker.

Move: Exercise will help you beat constipation.

Avoid alcohol: It causes dehydration, and therefore water retention.

Eat and drink bloat-reducing foods and drinks: such as peppermint tea, ginger, pineapple, yoghurt, and parsley.

Limit salt: which also causes you to retain water.

Calm down with the chewing gum: It causes you to swallow air, which also adds to bloating.

Increase potassium intake: It helps reduce water retention caused from eating too much salt.

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