What is Tibb medicine

What is Tibb medicine?

Tibb medication is not a new, uncommon or esoteric form of medicine. It is recognised as the foundation of present-day medicine.


Tibb or Unani-Tibb is a comprehensive healing system with roots in Ancient Egyptian, African, Greek, Arabic, Indian and Western Herbal medicine. So it’s not a new, uncommon or esoteric form of medicine, but recognised as the foundation of present-day medicine. Until fairly recently, it was the mainstay of medicine practiced all over the Western world, then the germ theory and chemical medicine became dominant.

What makes it interesting is that it takes a comprehensive view of the cause of disease because it sees the body and it’s workings as a complex machine, and understands there are several factors that contribute to most diseases. So it considers lifestyle, diet, emotions, interaction with the environment and even spiritual factors that impact on a patient’s well-being. In South Africa, Prof Rashid Bhika heads up the TIBB NGO.

A recognised pharmacist, he built up the largest privately owned manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals in South Africa from 1974-2007 (when it was sold to international company, Rambaxy) and, as a member of the Allied Health Profession Council of South Africa, promoted the understanding of complementary and alternate medicine.

Find out more about TIBB medicine at Tibb.co.za or on Facebook: IbnSinaInstituteofTibb.


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