3 games to play with your kids this weekend

3 games to play with your kids this weekend


Leave the phone alone and indulge in some fun time with the kids!


Ducks that fly

Recommended age group: 4-6yrs

Materials: None
What to do:

  1. When the leader says, ‘Ducks fly’, and flaps his arms, all the players must flap their arms. The leader goes on to say, ‘Cats meow’, with appropriate sounds or gestures, which must be imitated as above.
  2. He then continues, ‘Hens cluck’, ‘Horses trot’, and so on, with appropriate gestures and sounds.
  3. When he chooses, he may substitute a false statement and motion, such as, ‘Cows bark’, ‘Elephants fly’, and so on. If the player imitates the false motion, he sits out.
  4. If any player makes a false motion or sound at any time, he’s out (can be given three chances).

Rope the calf

Recommended age group: 4- 6yrs 7-9yrs 10-12yrs

Materials: 2 litre bottles filled with sand and a rope

What to do:

  1. Divide children into two teams.
  2. Prepare two 2 litre bottles filled with sand in advance, and place one about three feet in front of each team.
  3. Give the first child in each line a loop of rope to lasso the bottle of sand.
  4. The first team to lasso the ‘calf’ wins. Variation: Each child who is able to lasso the calf wins a reward.

Marble roulette

Recommended age group: 4-6yrs 7-9yrs 10-12yrs

Materials: Marbles, paper towel, rubber bands, plastic container

What to do:

  1. Wet a piece of single-ply paper towel and gently squeeze it (do not wring).
  2. Stretch it taut across the mouth of a plastic container and fasten it with a rubber band.
  3. Kids take turns placing a marble on the towel; whoever adds the marble that breaks through the towel loses.
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