What do you know about high-pressure parenting?

What do you know about high-pressure parenting?

Encourage your kids in the right direction for their individuality and don’t overstep the mark by becoming a high-pressure parent.

We have all seen them… those moms and dads who get just a little too involved, a little too energetic, a little too pushy; those parents whose kids cringe under pressure of their attention and focus.

Don’t let your environment make you a high-pressure parent

Life today makes this situation all too common. You fall pregnant and everyone you know seems to have a little Einstein – one that does everything on or before the scheduled milestone. Oh yes, and then there are the milestones! Markers put in place to guide us in our parenting endeavours often become deadlines we push our children to achieve early. While it is important to know what to expect at around certain ages, this cannot become our sole focus or vision. Add to this the immediacy of life and things can start to look a little gloomy. Life is becoming increasingly fast-paced. Communication is almost instant across a variety of platforms, and the luxury of this immediacy subconsciously has us wanting more, demanding more. This often translates into our expectations with our children.


Don’t let their dreams make you a high-pressure parent

It only takes that one sentence ‘Mom, I’ve thought about it and I want to be…’ and we start to have visions of them in their surgeon’s gown, arguing their closing arguments, finding the solution for world peace…
Dreams are great, aspirations are wonderful, and the fact that your kids are seeing and planning towards their future is a good thing. While it is important to guide them through this process, and to help them work towards their goals, you don’t want to be that parent who never gives them a weekend off, who sets their binocular vision on achieving that goal and nothing else. A more proactive approach (and one that will retain your sanity – and theirs) is to help them achieve balance. Yes, the focus on the goal is essential, but so is movie night with their family, a party with their friends, that spur-of-the-moment event that leaves them laughing for hours!


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