Hellmann’s…tastes like heaven!

When it comes to what you feed your family, there should be very little compromise made on taste, health and quality!

It’s the festive season and as much you and your family will be overindulging, you can still choose a light mayonnaise to enjoy with your burgers, chips, sandwiches, meats and desserts. With Hellmann’s mayonnaise, you don’t need to worry about removing mayonnaise from the family dinner or lunch table.

Spread, season or serve it the way you like

Give the kids something to wrap their taste buds around with timeless, creamy goodness from a brand that strives for health and taste. Hellmann’s has made two variants of creamy and smooth mayonnaise that can be enjoyed in so many different ways. A jar of Hellmann’s Original or Light Reduced Oil is so versatile and delectable that it can be enjoyed with a burger, a sandwich or used to add flavour to all your baked and cooked meals.

The benefits of Hellmann’s

  • Contains real products
  • Made with good oils such as vegetable and soybean oil
  • Available in two variants – Original and Reduced Oil
  • Light and creamy enough to be enjoyed alone or as part of a meal

Try Hellmann’s Original mayonnaise today and bring out the best in your family meals! Also available in Reduced Oil!



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