Podcast with Suzelle DIY

Podcast with Suzelle DIY

Our online editor Samantha Steele was lucky enough to catch up the DIY guru Suzelle DIY as she launched her new book. Listen to this podcast to hear Suzelle’s take on the book, her love life and what she loves about Johannesburg.

Suzelle DIY

Suzelle DIY’s book launches have been some of the bigger ones around the country, with people packing venues to the rafter to get a ‘Suzelfie’ with the YouTube star.

Suzelle DIY podcast

Everyone wants a photo of Suzelle!

Suzelle DIY podcast

Everyone wants a piece of the YouTube star.

Some of her most ardent fans have been little girls – many of whom dressed up like the star!



Suzelle DIY podcast

Little girl’s love Suzelle and have been mimicking her look at the book launches.

Suzelle DIY podcast (1)

With her littlest fan, Frankie, who wants to grow up to be ‘just like Suzelle’.

Suzelle DIY podcast

Suzelle loves things like tea!

Listen to our podcast to get her take on her book and more.


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