Green smoothie bowl

Green smoothie bowl

Start your day the right way with this refreshing green smoothie bowl.

  • 10 mins
  • Makes 1
  • Easy


  • handful greens
  • 310ml unsweetened liquid
  • 500ml fresh or frozen fruit, chopped
  • 15ml boosters (optional)
  • 3-5ml flavourings
  • 5-10ml sweetener (optional)



  1. Blitz together all the ingredients until smooth. Pour into a bowl and serve topped with a sprinkling
    or slices of some of the ingredients you used in the smoothie.


  • Greens include spinach, kale and Swiss chard.
  • Unsweetened liquids include almond, soy, coconut, rice or oat milk.
  • Fruits include banana, apple, melon, berries, mango, pear, peach, pineapple, lemon or kiwi.
  • Boosters include chia seeds, ground flaxseed, coconut oil, nut butter and raw cacao.
  • Flavourings include ground cinnamon, ground ginger and vanilla essence.
  • Sweeteners include chopped dates, stevia and xylitol.
  • Blitz in 250ml ice cubes for extra thickness, but make sure the smoothie is enjoyed immediately or it will become watery. Frozen fruits will also
    thicken the smoothie.


Magazine issue date: May, 2017


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